Zimbabwe terror extends to hospitals


Dennis was beaten and left for dead with three shattered limbs, but even when he was found and taken to hospital there was no plaster to set his limbs or painkillers to quell the agony.

Jacob was set upon by militiamen who were armed with batons and was struck until he could no longer stand, but when he got to hospital he was told he could not be treated without a police report on his injuries.

When Harold’s house was burnt down and his foot almost cut through with the axe that one of his attackers swung at him he did not bother going to the government hospital at all. “It isn’t safe to be in a hospital where we can be found,” he said.

As evidence of increasing government-sponsored violence against the Zimbabwean opposition mounts a pattern is emerging of deliberate attempts to obstruct medical treatment for its victims and to cover up the violence. The Zimbabwean Minister of Health and other doctors who are linked to the ruling party have been implicated in orchestrating the violence and using government medical facilities for their activities.


This is just more evidence of how completely corrupt Mugabe has made the Zimbabwe culture. It is also why it is going to take an outside force to stop the suffering.


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