No end in sight? Dems grow weary of campaigning

Washington Post:

After nearly six months on the road, sleeping in hotels, herding an unruly press corps onto buses, and boarding and emptying out charter planes from Medford, Ore., to Mecklenburg County, N.C., Jen Psaki on Friday faced reality.

With seemingly no end to the Democratic campaign in sight, Sen. Barack Obama's traveling press aide went to the Chicago apartment she has seen a dozen times since December, put her belongings into storage and let her lease lapse. She is now officially homeless.

"This race gives new meaning to that phrase 'marathon, not a sprint,' but these last few months have been more like sprinting through a marathon," said Psaki, who saw no reason to keep paying rent after Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's win in Pennsylvania. "Nobody expected it to go this long."

If the American people are growing weary of the protracted Democratic nomination fight, they've got nothing on the candidates, their staffs or their staffs' families. A campaign that has stretched more than a year has now reached virtually every state, has seen babies born and staffers married, and has now begun to heat up again.

Actually, I am not weary of it. I continue to enjoy watching it. Perhaps the reporters just don't have the stamina necessary for a close contest. I was particular drawn by the reporter's use of the phrase "no end in sight." It is the same phrase Nancy Pelosi uses to describe the war in Iraq, but not the one in Afghanistan. The calendar does provide an end to this campaign though. All the primaries and caucuses will be over by June. If the race is still not decided, it will be at the convention around late August or early September. There will be an election in November.

No wonder these guys don't have the stamina to win the war in Iraq.


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