Guam gets some attention from Democrats

NY Times:

When former President Bill Clinton called a Guam radio show on Thursday morning to talk up his wife, it was described as a historic first. The same was said of Senator Barack Obama’s decision to open a campaign office in Hagatña, the territory’s capital.

With four delegates up for grabs in caucuses on May 3, Guam is a player in the Democratic primaries for the first time. Though island residents cannot vote in the general election, they can help choose a presidential nominee. In fact, Guamanians need not be registered voters to participate. While the caucuses are open only to registered Democrats, people can sign up on site.

Guam Democrats will choose eight delegates, each of whom will get half a vote at the Democratic National Convention. The precinct in Inarajan will vote earlier, on Saturday, because of a conflict with the village fiesta. (Don’t you just hate when your partying gets in the way of your voting?) The results from that contest will be kept confidential until the rest of the voting is done.

Guam has become an important military base for the US in the Pacific. Many of the assets that were in Okinawa have been or will be transferred there. It is the aircraft carrier that China cannot sink.


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