Seductive female voices tied to fertility cycle


Researchers found that the female voice altered according to the time of the month.

They recorded women counting from one to 10 at different stages of the menstrual cycle, then played the voices back at random to a group of students.

Both men and women judged the voices to be most attractive when they were recorded at periods of peak fertility and less attractive during non-fertile periods.

"The results are in line with evidence that the female voice box, or larynx, is under the influence of sex hormones," New Scientist magazine reported.


One of the scientists, Martie Haselton, said: "We have found that voices are higher in pitch on high-fertility days of the cycle."

That last finding surprises me because I have always thought it was the deep throaty pitch that was more sexy. Films also tend to portray that. The story does not indicate the effect of birth control pills which have a definite effect on fertility.


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