Bush has plans for Jessica Simpson



Bush, a Texas guy, lauded the New York Giants on Wednesday for winning the Super Bowl. Any football championship is big to the team and its fans, but this one was all the sweeter because it required a riveting, comeback effort against the New England Patriots, who were heavily favored and had not lost all year.

The president noted that along the way the Giants vanquished a team from his home state -- the Dallas Cowboys. Many Dallas fans pinned their team's surprise playoff loss not on the Giants, but on Simpson. Seems the singer-actress was accused of being a distraction to her boyfriend, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo.

Apparently, Bush bought in.

"I'm a good sport," Bush said at the South Lawn ceremony. "We're going to send Jessica Simpson to the Democrat National Convention."

I am sure she can liven up Denver if she can dodge the Recreate 68 wackos. I'm all for it and I haven't been a Cowboy fan since they fired Tom Landry. BTW, Landry was a former defensive back for the Giants.


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