Cult abuse investigation includes boys and broken bones


Texas officials told legislators Wednesday that they're investigating the possible sexual abuse of some young boys taken from a polygamist sect's ranch, as well as broken bones among other children.

The disclosures are the first suggestions that anyone other than teenage girls may have been sexually or physically abused at the ranch run by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a renegade Mormon sect.

In written and oral testimony provided to lawmakers Wednesday, officials with the state Department of Family and Protective Services said interviews and journal entries suggested that boys may have been sexually abused.

Earlier, the department's commissioner, Carey Cockerell, told lawmakers that at least 41 children, some of them "very young," have evidence of broken bones.


That is an extraordinary number of broken bones for a groups of children. Finding out the causes of the breaks may be difficult unless they fit a pattern. Whether the children can be detoxed enough to relate how they occurred is still uncertain. DNA evidence can be used to prove the pedophilia with underage girls. It will be more difficult get scientific evidence of who was responsible if boys have been sexually abused.

More on these new developments here.


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