Doggy conduct gets Oz politician in trouble


Troy Buswell, the leader of the opposition Liberal Party in Western Australia, was under intense pressure to resign over the incident, which happened in 2005.

He dismissed allegations on 13 different occasions that he had sniffed the seat, before finally admitting yesterday that it had in fact taken place.

“All I can confirm is that the events described in the paper [The West Australian] by the former female staffer are accurate,” he said.

Holding back tears at a news conference, Mr Buswell admitted that his behaviour before becoming party leader three months ago had sometimes been highly offensive.

He has previously admitted to snapping a woman’s bra as a drunken party trick and has been accused by a retiring Liberal MP of making sexist remarks to her.

The emergence of the chair-sniffing incident had placed a strain on his marriage, he conceded.


At least he had the grace to wait until after she left the seat. I had a dog who was fascinated by the smell a woman might leave behind, so to speak. But, he was trainable. I suspect it is too late for this bloke.

He does appear to be living down to the reputation of some Aussie males.


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