Harry Reid, light weight insult artist

NY Post Editorial:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has every right in the world to oppose the Iraq war, but does he really need to impugn the honor and integrity of two true patriots to make his point?

Reid responded to Defense Secretary Robert Gates' appointment of Gens. David Petraeus and Raymond Odierno to key commands by tartly asserting that the two must "implement major changes in strategy" if so ordered by a new president.

As if Petraeus and Odierno need instruction in military subordination to civilian control from such as Harry Reid.

What does he think? That there'll be a military coup if the Democrats capture the White House this fall?

Petraeus, whose troop-surge strategy essentially turned around the ground war in Iraq, was named to head the US Central Command. That puts him in charge of military operations in an area stretching from Morocco to Indonesia - including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Replacing him as chief US commander in Iraq is Odierno, his former deputy and a seasoned combat veteran in his own right.

They are inspired choices, and both Gates and President Bush are to be congratulated for making the appointments.


Reid is so desperate for defeat in Iraq that he wants to make sure that if a Democrat is elected they can implement their strategy for defeat. These good me will give their best advice and follow the orders given. If they can't they will resign. They know their role in policy making.

Clearly Harry Reid knows nothing about military operations or warfare. He has demonstrated that continuously since he became majority leader.


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