Rev. Wrong at National Press Club

Fox News:

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright taunted a gathering of journalists Monday in Washington, D.C., calling their coverage of his speeches an attack on the black church, while defending his claim that the U.S. was responsible for the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Wright, the controversial former pastor of Barack Obama’s church, took dead aim at the U.S. government Monday — saying American soldiers in Iraq have died “over a lie” and called the war “unjust” — as he called for reconciliation and understanding between blacks and whites.

Wright was speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. as he continues a series of nationwide appearances following an uproar over remarks he made in some of his sermons delivered from the pulpit.


Sunday night, Wright — a well-respected black theologian — said the media have skewed his message.

“I’m not here for political reasons,” Wright told the audience in Detroit. “I’m not a politician. I know that fact will surprise many of you because many in the corporate-owned media made it seem like I am running for the Oval Office. I am not running for the Oval Office. I’ve been running for Jesus a long, long time, and I’m not tired yet.”

Taking on one adjective that has been ascribed to him recently, Wright said, “I am not one of the most divisive (black spiritual leaders). … I’m one of the most descriptive.”


Wright lives in a fantasy world of moral equivalence. Suggesting that we are as bad as the wicked enemy we face shows how divorced from reality he is.


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