Soros' man in UK's new government, Mark Malloch Brown

Melanie Phillips:

A propos my post below, we in Britain should obviously all pay closer attention to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. On May 20 this year it wrote:

And if like Soros, you make several fortunes from international dealing, what and where is the best information found? The offices and committee rooms of the United Nations in New York and the World Bank Group in Washington. Hence, it was no surprise when, early this month, Soros announced that he was bringing into his organization an old friend who had filled a number of posts over the years, through which it was possible to have contributed to the collection of the Soros billions.

The posts involved deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, chief of Cabinet to the U.N. secretary-general and administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. Earlier posts included vice president for External Affairs at the World Bank and the bank’s director of External Affairs. In preparation for these elite appointments was a 10-year stint with an international consulting group that specialized in advice to reformist and socialist candidates for heads of state in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Each and every one of these posts has been held by a good friend of George Soros, Sir Mark Malloch Brown.


Malloch Brown is indeed more than a friend to Soros. As the Financial Times reported last month:

Sir Mark Malloch Brown, who recently stepped down as deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, has been appointed vice-chairman of his friend George Soros’s hedge fund company. Sir Mark will also serve as vice-chairman of the billionaire philanthropist’s Open Society Institute, which promotes democracy and human rights, particularly in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The question remains. Why was Gordon Brown so keen to get this man into his government that he ennobled him, the time-honoured way of getting unelected favourites in through the back door? And what does this say about our new rock of Prime Ministerial granite, who is such a staunch friend of America, upholder of international integrity and defender of the free world?

This is a terrible appointment and it does not bode well for the UK or its allies, much less Africa.


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