Hamas and al Qaeda

Cliff May:


The truth is that Hamas and al-Qaeda are – ideologically -- connected at the hip. Both are terrorist organizations – Hamas has been so designated not just by the U.S. but also by the European Union. Both al-Qaeda and Hamas are in the business of waging what they believe will be the final war against the infidels.

There is one distinction: Whereas al-Qaeda will fight on any battlefield anywhere it thinks it can defeat “crusaders and Zionists” – and it is convinced it will soon accomplish that mission in Iraq -- Hamas’ primary goal is more modest: to wipe only Israel off the map. In other words, al-Qaeda thinks globally, Hamas acts locally.

They are both organizations that need to be destroyed. It is too bad more people do not recognize this reality. Jimmy Carter's suggestion that people should be negotiating with Hamas is just plain silly. It is a nihilistic organization whose "moderate stance" involves waiting 10 years to destroy Israel since ti is nto strong enough to do it today.


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