The fight over "fairness"

Captain's Quarters looks at the proposals by Democrats to thwart free speech on the radio. He also looks at Mike Pence's bill in the House to stop the attack of speech.

I don't think the Democrats really have a chance at doing anything before 2009 at the earliest. If they do reimpose the "fairness" doctrine it will destroy the AM band on the radio and send most of the money to the satellite radio channels.

The Jawa Report calls the Democrat legislation the "Hush Rush" bill.


What are the Democrat so afraid of? Why do the feel the need to regulate political speech and opinions, despite the text and letter of the First Amendment? Why aren't they interested in regulating the opinions and biases of journalists, who have shown overwhelmingly that they are not only Democrats, but that they actively support Democrats financially while lying to the public about their biases? Why do they want to dictate to you what you should be able to listen to? What laws are preventing liberals from entering talk radio (besides the law of supply and demand)? Why does John Kerry advocate government meddling in media content? Why, if talk radio is just fringe and inconsequential, are the Democrats trying to censor it?

Democrats are anti freedom control freaks. Whenever they propose anything, the first thing that should be checked is how it would destroy freedom and the marketplace of ideas.


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