The September prequal

Tony Blankley:

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The structural deficiency of the Iraqi government is not so much in its leadership, but in its inability to force cloture on any issue. The majority cannot force a vote. This is why it took so long to come up with Maliki to be the leader in the first place.

While it would be nice if we had more troops that we could devote to the problems of Iraq, the Clinton military cuts have effectively robbed us of that potential for the time being and the Bush administration did not seize the opportunity after 9-11 to expand the military like it should have. We have adequate troops now to work with a growing Iraqi military to get the job done, if we give them the time to do it. The problem is that the politicians in congress and running for the Democrat candidacy for President want to rob the military of the time needed to do a counterinsurgency operation.

I do think that the Petraeus report will make the case for giving the troops more time to complete the mission. Whether Congress will listen to reason is at best an open question.


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