The hydrogen Honda

The Sunday Telegraph's David Millward takes the 100 mile per hour Honda hydrogen concept car for a spin.


Somewhat rashly Honda invited me to get behind the wheel of its latest concept car, a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell engine. The car is filled with hydrogen rather than petrol and is the world's fastest high performance zero emissions car.

The hydrogen is pushed through a "fuel stack" somewhere beneath the arm rest between the driver and passenger, where it is converted into electricity which powers the engine. While conventional cars give out varying amounts of C02, this rather sleek beast emits only water vapour.


The car is said to cost roughly $10 million, but a few will be leased in Japan for around $500 a month, which means it truly is cheaper to rent. Besides the problem with finding a place to refill the tank, I think the emission of water vapor will be a problem for the environmental wackos, since it is a bigger component of greenhouse cases than CO2. Click on the picture for the full view. It is a cool looking car.


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