2nd suspect car found in London


Police are searching for the driver of an abandoned car containing a bomb that would have killed hundreds of people in central London had it exploded.

An ambulance crew spotted the metallic green Mercedes by chance outside the busy Tiger Tiger night club in Haymarket at 0130BST (0030GMT).

Police defused a bomb made of 60 litres of petrol, gas cylinders and nails.

The BBC's Daniel Sandford said a second device was found in another Mercedes in a car park in London's Park Lane.

The major thoroughfare was closed while bomb squad officers checked the vehicle. It reopened at 1930BST.

The Haymarket area remains closed as dozens of officers carry out forensic searches. The Mercedes is being tested at the Forensics Explosives Laboratory in Kent.

CCTV footage is also being examined and police are believed to be making some progress towards getting an image of the driver.

The BBC understands that the second car was towed to the Park Lane car park after it was found parked illegally in the West End.

Staff at the pound contacted police after hearing about the Haymarket bomb because the vehicle smelled of petrol.


"International elements" are believed to be involved with the Haymarket bomb, Whitehall sources have told the BBC.

"International elements" must be politically correct code for Islamic religious bigots and terrorist. The second vehicle would fit more into the al Qaeda pattern of events, which is why the police are searching for more. It could be that the war we have waged against al Qaeda has caused sufficient attrition of its bombers that they are left with incompetents in these latest attempted attacks. They just do not appear to be able to top there 9-11 spectacular.

This aerial view shows the location of the two vehicles.


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