Al Qaeda's hearts and mind strategy


A local Sunni man who had escaped his al-Qaida kidnappers arrived at an Iraqi army checkpoint pleading for help in rescuing his brother, a local sheik, late at night June 23.


He claimed he and his brother had been captured by al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists about two weeks ago and had been tortured in a nearby house. They escaped, he said, but his brother was unable to keep up. He left the sheikh in an orchard and went to the nearest coalition patrol base he could find. He was still in shackles when he arrived at PB Shanghai.

A combined Iraqi and U.S. patrol left the base to find the man, who was still in the orchard.

The man and four Iraqi army soldiers launched a patrol into the orchard and found the sheik.

Both men had dislocated shoulders and bore other signs of torture.

The men claimed that they had been captured and tortured for cooperating with coalition forces and for failure to pledge alliance with the al-Qaida. They were able to give more than 40 names of people involved in their capture and attack.

The men were treated for their injuries at the patrol base.
Al Qaeda's ways of persuading people to pledge alliance appear to be much more severe than the hazing at Abu Ghraid. Want to bet the NY Times will not publish this story on page one?


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