Gen. Abbot "springs" into action on right to work

Roddy Stinson prints Attorney General Abbot's reaction to his story about "an El Paso security guard, Juan Vielma, (who) was suspended from his job at a federal immigration and Customs center because he refused to join a union. He was without pay and benefits while he battled his employer and the union over whether the center was a federal 'enclave' and not subject to Texas' right-to-work law."

While there is a claim that they were working on this "complicated" case, the letter does not apparently refer to their original letter to Mr. Vielma telling him to take his claim to the NLRB. It turns out that is what he did with the help of
the Virginia-based National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

The AG's office is now investigating the matter. It is too bad they did not work with Mr. Vielma earlier, but perhaps they can now benefit from the work his lawyers did. A Texan's right to work should be taken seriously.


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