Manufacturing votes in King County Washington, until Dems get enough

Greg Pierce:

A majority of voters in Washington state doubt that the final recount in the governor's race was accurate, according to a poll.
Democrat Christine Gregoire topped Republican Dino Rossi in the hand recount after trailing in the first recount, done by machine, and in the count on election night.
The survey by Strategic Vision, LLC, a Republican polling firm, found that 54 percent of voters do not believe the recount that certified Mrs. Gregoire as the victor reflects the actual election results.
Thirty-seven percent believed the final recount was accurate, with 9 percent undecided.
Forty-three percent thought Mr. Rossi actually won the election; 41 percent said that Mrs. Gregoire actually won the election; and 16 percent were undecided.
Only 41 percent of those polled believes that the King County results are legitimate; with 53 percent believing that they are not legitimate; and 6 percent undecided. When asked if there should be a revote, 45 percent said yes, 43 percent said no, and 12 percent was undecided.
The Dems believe in recounting until their guy is ahead. Then any questions about their activities are out of line.


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