Osama's campaign

Tony Blankley:

Osama bin Laden is getting positively chatty these days. He has released his third video in as many months — this time calling for Iraqis to boycott next month's elections. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Having elected himself to his current lofty position as arbiter of all things on the planet, it would have been remarkable if he thought any more elections were necessary.
Although, to be fair to him (not that he deserves fairness), in his previous video the week before our election he did warn American voters in the red states that they would pay a terrible price if they voted for George Bush. While he didn't explicitly endorse John Kerry (presumably, even he couldn't figure out what Mr. Kerry's position was on anything,) his negative advertisement against President Bush might reasonably have been seen as participation in a democratic election.
But overall, I think we can put bin Laden down as viewing elections as unnecessary. As Emma Goldberg scornfully, if cleverly, observed prior to being deported as a dangerous foreign national to Russia during World War I — elections are the opiate of the American people. For tyrants and their advocates, elections are silly, meaningless exercises of decisions between pre-chosen indistinguishable choices, intended to give the manipulated masses the illusion of free will in their choreographed political lives.


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