Tidal wave death toll up to 114,000

AP via Houston Chronicle:

The death toll in 12 nations from the tsunami disaster has lept to more than 114,000 after Indonesia dramatically increased its count of the dead.

Tens of thousands of residents, meanwhile, fled coasts in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand after warnings of possible new tsunamis today, and pilots in Indonesia dropped food to cliff-rimmed villages yet to be visited by outsiders four days after the disaster.

India issued a tsunami warning at midday following aftershocks in the Indian Ocean region, prompting tens of thousands to flee the southeastern coast. Hours later, no waves had arrived and the warning appeared to have been false.

Surveys of the swath of tropical Asia struck by Sunday's 9.0 earthquake and tsunamis were gaining ground, with relief workers still uncovering scenes of flattened villages and survivors living on coconuts.


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