Why the chances of a Palestinian state are remote

Little Green Footballs:

A new poll shows that nearly 70% of the Palestinian population wants the terror to continue. (Hat tip: scaramouche.)

A new poll conducted in the Palestinian Authority has revealed that a large majority of Palestinians fear the continued state of lawlessness on the streets, but at the same time nearly 70% object, at this stage, to the dismantlement of terror groups.

The above figures are a cause for concern for PLO Chairman and leading candidate in the January 9 Palestinian elections, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), who last week came out against the use of arms in the intifada.

In addition, 51% said Fatah could bring about an improvement in their situation, in comparison with only 25% who named Hamas.

Palestinian "leadership" seems to lack both the will and the means to stop the terror gangs. They therefore, have nothing to offer the Israelis in any negotiations. Until they want peace with Israel, they will never have it or a state.


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