E. J. economics

E.J. Dionne:


• Class matters. Bush and the Republicans condemn "class warfare" -- and then play the class card with a vengeance. Bush has pushed through policies that, by any impartial reckoning, have transferred massive amounts of money to the wealthiest people in our country. Yet it is conservatives, Bush supporters, who trash the "elites," especially when it comes to culture. Class warfare is evil -- unless a conservative is playing the class card.
The only people who get wealthy by taking money from the poor are pimps and dope dealers. Dionne cannot cite one example where Bush are the Repulicans "transferred massive amounts of money to the wealthiest." What he is really talking about is the tax cuts which according to liberals transferred wealth to the rich, because it let them keep more of their own money. However, in E.J. world it was not really their money. It was already the governments money which he wanted to spend on his liberal constituency groups.


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