Sprint gives wounded a free call home


Our friend Jonathan Last at Galley Slaves has drawn our attention to the good works being performed without public notice by Sprint PCS for our heroes at Walter Reed: "Three cheers for Sprint."Jonathan credits Hugh Hewitt with getting the ball rolling. Jonathan passes on an internal Sprint notice that was sent to him by one of his readers after a call for phone cards went out a few days ago:

Team, some of you have been receiving notes and/or hearing of requests about [the need for phone cards are Walter Reed] . . .

For your information and to share with other Sprint employees, Sprint Prepaid Solutions has prepared a generous donation of approximately 2500 prepaid cards for the special needs of our troops in Walter Reed. Their request has not fallen on deaf ears here at Sprint. Russ Everhart and the promotions team are taking the lead at identifying a contact at Walter Reed to handle the distribution, and Jenny has prepared the cards and extended the expiration dates. Russ and Luke are working out the details associated with the public relations aspects of the donation.

Concurrently, Prepaid Solutions is working to find corporate and business partners who are willing to make a donation as part of our American Red Cross program. Our unique program with ARC enables a far broader range of corporations to help when previously they had not clear options or mechanisms to help our troops.

I'm a long-time Sprint cellular customer. If you're looking to express support for the good guys at the cash register this season and have need of the services they provide, Sprint deserves your first look.
As another Sprint customer, I second that suggestion.


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