The left's phobic reaction to Christians

Greg Pierce:


"According to this way of thinking, which has become commonplace in academia, evangelicals and jihadists are essentially the same. They both oppose homosexuality (as if opposing gay marriage were the same thing as stoning homosexuals to death). They are both 'anti-women' (with opposition to abortion as the moral equivalent of the utter subjugation of women in Muslim countries).
"They are both opposed to modern science (meaning skepticism about evolution and revulsion at embryonic stem-cell research is the same as Muslim primitivism). Fundamentalists of both sides are violent, murderous and oppressive (with the war against terrorism as the moral equivalent of terrorism itself.)
"The line of thinking considers President Bush to be no different from Osama bin Laden, Christian conservatives to be just as scary as Muslim conservatives, and America as perhaps soon resembling Afghanistan under the Taliban."
Mr. Veith added: "Conservative Christians actually are more supportive of reason than postmodern secularists. Note, for example, who is descending into irrational hysteria."


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