Attack on Christmas

Neal Boortz:

If you're a Christian, do you feel like an underdog in the United States?
There is a full-scale attack against all things Christian in this country or anything connected with Christianity, and that includes Christmas. Candy canes, Nativity scenes, Santa Claus, Christmas carols all have huge bulls eyes painted on them.

Make no mistake. This is not about separation of church and state. This is not about congress not making a law affecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof. This is not about trying not to offend people. This is about punishment. This is about retribution. This is about the red vs. the blue. This is a war being waged by elite leftists against what they perceive to be the great unwashed, the God-crazed inhabitants of the red states; the people who put George Bush back in office for a second term.

Bush-haters are particularly irritated by George Bush's expressions of faith. These people view George Bush as being ignorant; ignorant because he doesn't share their view of the world. Therefore anybody who shares Bush's devout Christian feelings must also be dumb. How could these people not realize that they should be worshiping the state, and not some vague concept of a supreme being?

You can almost hear the inner workings of the liberal thought process (if that's what you want to call it). "OK, these ignorant Christians managed to get their zealot elected president, so we'll do what we can to destroy their happiest time of the year."

There is one other element at work here. Muslims and political correctness. At a time when Americans, if they have any sense, have to constantly worry about the threat of an attack by Islamic terrorists, apologists and sufferers of Obsessive Compulsive Compassion Syndrome are working hard to make sure that nothing happens in mainstream American society that could ever be considered to be offensive to Muslims. In many cities and school systems around the country Christmas has all but been eradicated in an attempt to cleanse the public scene of anything that might offend a Muslim. Isn't it odd that our country has existed with large Jewish population since day one, and nobody has tried to eradicate Christmas in order to avoid offending Jews? Why do Muslims enjoy this special protection?


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