Repealing the Dodd-Frank scam

NY Times:

Jeb Hensarling Plan Rekindles Debate as Republicans Aim to Dismantle Dodd-Frank

Eight years after the financial crisis, easing the oversight of big banks is still on the agenda for some Republicans.
The Dodd-Frank law was part of a massive cover up by Democrats of their own responsibility for the financial crisis. They caused the housing debacle by using the Community Reinvestment Act and other levers of government to force banks and otehr lenders to make loans to unqualified borrowers who subsequently defaulted.  Those defaults had a cascading effect on the value of homes and led even more substantive borrowers into default.

To cover up the debacle Dodd and Frank who were some of the chief proponents of the Democrat policy concocted a scheme to blame the financial institutions they had coerced into making the loans.  Many of the institutions they targeted were some of the biggest victims of their original scheme losing millions in the process.  Along with the Obama administration these same institutions were coerced into funding liberal groups as the price fro staying in business.

It was a  corrupt affair by Democrats.


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