Hillary Clinton is struggling despite Trump's woes

Rush Limbaugh:
... This is CNN's New Day this morning, the first sound bite, and they're worried that Hillary Clinton... It's all about their own poll, and they're worried if Hillary can't pull away now when Trump seems disorganized and the Republicans are organizing maybe a mutiny for their own convention... If Hillary can't pull away now, what does it say about her?

BASH: Trump was just doing an interview that I was watching where he was saying just that. You know, and normally I would just say, "Okay, that's just candidate spin." But he's right. I mean, he has had about the worst few weeks that you can imagine for a general election candidate for a whole host of reasons. The fact that he's only five points down I don't necessarily think shows his strengths as much as it shows his opponent's weakness, one that Republicans don't think that he is taking advantage of enough.

RUSH: Well, and they've got a point. Look, they've got a point. Trump should have been hammering Hillary on that inspectors general report. Instead of going after "the Mexican judge," he should have been hammering her on that and there a couple other topics. He's out there tweeting like mad today on her speech. I think those tweets could be better. If I were sitting next to him, his tweets would have been much better. But I'm not sitting next to him. His tweets are okay. You wouldn't find any Republican out there saying what he's saying, and it's a good thing that he's doing it.
She should be pulling way and she is not.  I think she is wasting money on trying to drive up Trump's negatives.  They are already worse than any candidate who has run in recent years, and she is not going to change the mind of the Trump loyalists.  She is squandering her financial advantage while Trump is struggling with raising money for the campaign.  He gives speeches in New York, where he lives and tweets responses to her speech in real time.  It is unconventional, but it is who he is.

This is happening as the news is just breaking on the hacking of the Clinton Foundation and release of materials on her out of touch speaking gigs.  Those are likely to steal some of the headlines she hoped to get from her speech critical of Trump's economic plan.


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