Supreme Curt upends Democrat 'voter registration effort'

NY Times:

For Obama, Supreme Court Defeat Upends a Legacy on Immigration

The justices’ 4-to-4 ruling freezes the president’s actions on immigration for the rest of his term and leaves millions of undocumented workers in limbo.
The Democrat bad faith on the immigration issue is palpable.  While they like to talk about their demographic advantage it is not real mainly because of abortion.  Since Democrats are most likely to abort their babies, they are about 30 to 50 million voters shy of where they would have been were it not for abortion.

Their solution is to import dependency groups from poor countries that they hope to get on the democrat dole and turn them into regular voters.  They lack the political support to get their plan through Congress os Obama attempted to thwart the constitution and bring them in anyway. The court was right to deny them their scam.


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