Hillary Clinton embraces the Dodd-Frank scam

Richard Lawless:
I can no longer sit quietly and watch this country implode from all of the Washington corruption.

Today I watched Hillary Clintons speech and I was appalled. I watched her tell the audience how she would bring Wall Street to heel and hold them accountable. I listened to her say how she would use Dodd Frank legislation to manage that process. It is all complete BS.

Hillary is fully aware of the large scale bond fraud uncovered in Puerto Rico. A criminal conspiracy so large that it calls into question all $70 billion dollars of Puerto Rican debt. Hillary is calling for a complete bailout and supports current legislation to do just that.

The Puerto Rico Senate held investigative hearings in early 2015 to explore the financial failure of one of its largest municipal agencies. One government executive after another testified under oath that they knew they were technically bankrupt when they issued these bonds and could not pay them back. The witnesses then went on to say that although the credit agencies (Moody’s, Fitch and S&P) knew they were insolvent, they could secure good credit ratings for the bonds for the “right fee.” According to the same testimony, Wall Street’s biggest banks knew all this but for the “right sales fees” they would sell these junk bonds as safe retirement income to their retired investors.
There is more.

If true, this is corruption on a grand scale and  Clinton is an imperfect agent to fight it since it appears to involve several donors to her campaign.  I suspect she wants taxpayers to bail out the corrupt officials who caused this mess as well as those who aided and abetted the scam.


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