Democrats desperately try to distract from their incompetence in fighting Islamic terrorism

Washington Post:
House Democrats stage day-long sit-in to force votes on gun bills

The lawmakers took over the House floor and said no business would be conducted in the chamber today unless Republicans agreed to a vote on measures such as preventing suspected terrorists from buying firearms, expanding background checks and banning assault weapons.
This looks like another bad faith attempt on the part of the Democrats to change the subject from their failure to protect the country from attacks by Islamic terrorist.  They are pushing a foolish bill to repeal parts of the 5th amendment and the second in order to change the subject.  I frankly do not care how long they sit on the floor.  But at some point, they risk being held out of order and forcibly removed.  They are more eager to fight that than they are the enemy.  It looks like in their twisted minds they would rather blame Republicans for their failures than the enemy.  It is hard to respect such conduct by the Democrats.

Since Obama became President there has been an Islamic terrorist attack on this country's mainland every year he has been in office.  He and they have not kept us safe and their answer to the latest terrorist attack is to disarm the innocent.


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