The overwrought reaction to the Brexit vote

Rick Lowry:

What Brexit-bashing elites don’t get about democracy

Judging by their dismissive tone, critics of Brexit believe that the European Union’s lack of basic democratic accountability is one of its institutional advantages — the better to insulate consequential decisions from backward and short-sighted voters.
Maintaining British sovereignty, broadly construed, was the overwhelming rationale for Brexit. According to a survey by Lord Ashcroft Polls, 49 percent of Leave voters said the biggest reason for exiting the European Union was “that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK.”

Another 33 percent said it was the best way to regain power over UK borders and 13 percent said they worried the United Kingdom couldn’t control how the European Union “expanded its membership or its powers.”
The EU needs to be more reflective on why so many opted to leave its embrace.  They now must also worry over other countries who may choose the same course.  They will if the EU does not do more to reinstate real democracy rather than rule by a "progressive elite."  As currently instituted it is the ultimate progressive fantasy government.


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