Democrats unlikely to take over Congress at this point polling suggests

Washington Examiner:
One of the biggest fears among GOP insiders these days is what effect presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump will have on down-ballot candidates. With or without Trump, the Senate map was going to be unkind to Republicans this election cycle, so blaming the presidential nominee for losing the majority (though it would likely happen) would be unfair. But new Quinnipiac polls released Wednesday hold forth some hope for Republicans in the Senate.

The poll shows Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., up nine points over his Democratic opponent, Katie McGinty (other polls show a closer race). In Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio announced he was running for re-election (after repeatedly saying he wouldn't and just two days before the filing deadline), and is now up seven points over Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy and eight points over his primary opponent, Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson. It also shows an even race in Ohio between Sen. Rob Portman, R, and former Gov. Ted Strickland, D.

Toomey and Rubio have been deeply critical of Trump in the past. Toomey criticized the New York business mogul's comments about the judge presiding over Trump's fraud trial, and announced that he was voting for Sen. Ted Cruz for president. Rubio ran for president against Trump and participated in a nasty little exchange of insults when his campaign began to struggle (though in recent weeks his views on Trump have become ... well, complicated).
Congressional Democrats are still deeply unpopular and their refusal to defend the country against Islamic terrorism along wth their disrespect for the constitution will hurt them more than a Trump defeat will help them.  Their response to the terror attack in Orlando should be a disaster for them.  When an Islamic terrorist engages in mass murder on US soil their first response is to disarm the innocent and shred the constitution.


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