Warren would not help Clinton

Lisa Boothe:
Elizabeth Warren has officially sold out her progressive base for Hillary Clinton. And her endorsement raises the question: What is she getting in return? If Republicans are lucky, it will be a Clinton-Warren Democratic ticket.

After joining Clinton on the campaign trail, even twinning with the Democratic presumptive nominee in matching blue jackets, Warren created a firestorm of speculation that she would be tapped as Clinton's vice president. Republicans should welcome this.

Picking Warren would be a wasted opportunity for Clinton and a victory for Republicans. Her only value is bolstering Clinton's support among groups that are already with her. According to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll Clinton has a 17 point lead with women. Adding additional estrogen to the ticket may give her someone to match clothes with, but women already support Clinton by large margins. Additionally, may look to Warren to bring home Sanders supporters, but polls would indicate they are already moving her way. And Warren, who hails from the reliably Democratic state of Massachusetts, also fails to bring any value geographically.

If anything, Warren will repel voters Clinton hopes to woo. Male voters, particularly white men, have consistently rejected Clinton this election cycle. With Clinton already trailing Trump by 10 points with male voters, picking a progressive feminist will only increase that disparity. After she secures the Democratic nomination at the convention, Clinton will look to move to the middle in an attempt to court disaffected Republicans and independent voters. That pivot would be much more difficult with a raging liberal by her side.
Warren is an anti-capitalist intellectual lightweight that would also alienate Clinton's fundraising base on Wall Street.   If Clinton needed her support to carry Massachusetts that would indicate she could not even carry liberal states.


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