Is Trump trying to make money for his business off his campaign?

Tim Carney:
Donald Trump is a con man, and if you support him for president, you are his latest mark.

Commentators have been warning voters of this obvious scam for months. Trump's latest campaign filing makes it clear. The man is unwilling or unable to do what it takes to win a general election, and a huge portion of the money he does raise flows straight into the companies he owns.

"It's very possible," Trump said in 2000, "that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it."

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., filed its monthly report on June 20, documenting its receipts and disbursements for May, the month in which Trump sealed the Republican nomination and supposedly began the general election.

Trump's campaign raised $5.6 million in May. Mitt Romney raised more than twice that in May 2012. Hillary Clinton raised five times as much — $28 million — in that same period.

Trump's campaign entered June with $1.3 million on hand — a shockingly low number. Hillary had $42 million on hand. Romney had $9.2 million on hand.

Trump's campaign spent $6.7 million in May — more than it raised. And a lot of that money was spent on, well, Donald Trump.

As the Huffington Post's Christina Wilkie reported Tuesday morning, Trump's campaign spent more than $1 million of that money on Trump companies' products and services last month, "for facilities rental, catering, monthly rents and utilities at more than a half-dozen Trump-owned companies and properties." The amount "includes nearly $350,000 that the Trump campaign paid a Trump-owned company, TAG Air, for the use of Trump's private jets and helicopters."
There is more.

I haven't had much time for Twitter lately to see how his followers are dealing with this self-dealing but they seem pretty quiet on Facebook.   When they do come out it is usually to try to explain how unfair the polls are since they don't show their guy with a lead.  But when it comes to how the mogul is spending what little money he is raising you can hear the crickets.


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