Young voters preferred grumpy old men to Hillary Clinton

Shaun King:
Donald Trump got more votes from people under the age of 30 than Hillary Clinton. Not only that, but Bernie Sanders received 29% more votes among young voters than both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined.

That's a problem for Hillary. That's a huge problem. It should be setting of loud, bright red emergency alarms in the Democratic Party.

The message should be clear - young people absolutely don't prefer what the Democratic Party is trying to sell them. Period.

Every single conference, workshop and rally I have attended this past year has been completely dominated by young people who not only love Bernie Sanders, but they love what he believes in and stands for. They hate super-delegates. They don't trust Hillary Clinton and they despise lobbyist and SuperPAC money in politics.
This could be another reason why she can't get out of the mid 40's in the polls despite her money and organizational advantages.  But if they believe in what Bernie is selling it demonstrates the failure of the US education system since what he is pushing is a failed economic system that does not work.  That many of them support Trump suggest they are in an anti-establishment mode.


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