Mike Lee explains the reluctance of some to get behind Trump

It is probably asking too much to expect Trump to no longer be a 360-degree jerk.  But Lee sets out a reasonable course for Trump to take if he wants to bring reluctant conservatives into the fold.  It clearly is going to take more than just talking about Hillary Clinton's myriad faults.

So far, Trump's idea of reaching out to those reluctant to support him is to threaten them with exclusion from the convention speaking schedule and now for ever being able to run again.  That is the kind of talk that will not be persuasive and shows his contempt for the constitution.

It is up to Trump to reach out to those who are not supporting him.  He sounds more like the guy who tries to make up with his wife by saying "You don't sweat much for a fat person."  And the response has been more polite than he deserves.  He needs their support and he should start with an apology for the insults and false accusations.


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