Traveling with Hillary Clinton--Hacker starts document dump

The Smoking Gun:
The latest document dump from “Guccifer 2.0,” the hacker who breached the Democratic National Committee’s servers, shows that party officials have researched Hillary Clinton’s prior travel on private jets, the Clinton Foundation’s investments, and the Democratic presidential candidate’s speech contracts.

The hacker this morning began distributing more than 250 files--totaling thousands of pages of records--that appear to have been prepared by DNC research staff.

In addition to a “standard” $225,000 fee, Clinton required a“chartered roundtrip private jet” that needed to be a Gulfstream 450 or a larger aircraft. Depending on its outfitting, the Gulfstream jet, which costs upwards of $40 million, can seat 19 passengers and “sleeps up to six.” Clinton’s contract also stipulated that speech hosts had to pay for separate first class or business airfare for three of her aides.

As for lodging, Clinton required “a presidential suite” and up to “three (3) adjoining or contiguous rooms for her travel aides” and up to two extra rooms for advance staff. The host was also responsible for the Clinton travel party’s ground transportation, meals, and “phone charges/cell phones.”

Additionally, the host also had to pay “a flat fee of $1000” for a stenographer to create “an immediate transcript of Secretary Clinton’s remarks.” The contract adds, however, “We will be unable to share a copy of the transcript following the event.”
It makes her seem out of touch with the struggles of most Americans, and especially Democrats.  I suspect this is just the beginning of embarrassing information about her and the Clinton Foundation.  The hacker denies any association with Russia and says he is Romanian like the first Guccifer who released some of her emails she went while at the State Department.

Her speaking fees are more than many top executives make in a year, much less an hour.  It will also be interesting to see if the hacker also releases copies of her speeches she has refused to release.


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