Cruz's position on a RNC coup against Trump

Washington Examiner:
Top officials from Ted Cruz's defunct campaign wouldn't get in the way if delegates attempted to fell the GOP's presumptive nominee at the Republican convention, but they are reluctant to become publicly involved in plotting any revolt.

Donald Trump has begun looking ahead to a general election, but some of Cruz's former staff remain reluctant to board the "Trump train." Many of Cruz's supporters want to keep all of their options open as they proceed without any explicit public directive from the Texas senator.

Rick Tyler, a former Cruz campaign communications director who left in February, said he thinks Cruz would be willing to re-enter the 2016 race if the opportunity presents itself at the convention. But, Tyler said, he does not think the campaign is making an effort to change the rules to benefit Cruz because of how it would make them look like sore losers.

"If there was an independent effort that was successful, I could see a path, if they [delegates] denied Trump, for Cruz to win the nomination because he would effectively have the most delegates at the convention," Tyler said. "Once the rules changed, then it would be a, that would be the start of a new day."
Cruz has been unusually quite about Trump since he suspended his campaign.  I suspect Trump finds this frustrating since it gives him little opportunity to counterattack.  But if there is a rules change at the convention, it would probably lead to a giant brawl.

Meanwhile, Trump and the RNC try to head off any rebellion in the ranks:

Donald Trump and R.N.C. Crack Down on Rebelling Delegates

The Trump campaign and the party’s national committee are moving fast to quash any potential effort to stage a revolt at the convention next month.
This must be his own version of "building bridges."


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