Its a war and Obama would rather fight the Republicans than the real enemy

Sebastian Gorka:
The response to Omar Mateen’s massacre at an Orlando gay club in the name of the Islamic State could’ve been written in advance — at least regarding President Obama and the mainstream media.

Another terrorist attack in America? Blame the Republicans. Blame guns and the NRA. And then pile onto the presumptive GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

And sure enough, like clockwork, the administration and the press obsessed over guns while going to great lengths to hide any connection to Islamic terrorism.

But Orlando isn’t “just another” terrorist attack to be parochially exploited for political gain. It’s an act of war executed on the territory of the United States, one that reveals ISIS’s new strategy and the true breadth of the threat here at home.

Orlando is not a one-off. It’s not some kind of “lone-wolf” tragedy committed by a man with a conflicted sexual identity. It’s the latest and deadliest example of a new jihadi strategy. And we’d better pay attention.

Instead of spectacular attacks like 9/11, our religiously fueled enemy is using classic guerrilla tactics against large concentrations of unarmed civilians. All you have to do is connect the dots from the rock concert in Paris to the airport check-in desk in Brussels to the Pulse gay club in Orlando.

Washington weasel terms like “lone wolf” are designed to dissuade the public from thinking there’s a link between all of these attacks, a connective tissue that ties them to 9/11, Ford Hood, Chattanooga and the Boston bombings. But that link exists: It is global jihadism, the ideology that ISIS has taken to the next level and that is committed to killing or enslaving all Americans.
... Omar Mateen is the 103rd ISIS supporter American authorities have arrested or killed in the two years since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the new Islamic State. Just last month the 101st ISIS terrorist was arrested in The Bronx by the NYPD and FBI.

Of all those arrested, only half wanted to leave America and fight in Iraq or Syria. Twenty percent are mid-level operatives, talent-spotters and recruiters. But a full third had already decided that the best way to serve the new caliph, the new emperor of Islam, is to kill infidel Americans here in the United States, be they at a Christmas party in San Bernardino or a gay night club in Orlando.

To be very clear: The enemy is already here — and he wants to kill us at home.
There is more.

Obama and the Democrat party, for the most part, are trying desperately to ignore this new reality and focus instead on disarming the potential victims of these mass murder attacks.  They will never defeat them because they do not recognize they are at war with us.  At best they have taken a lawfare approach to dealing with ISIL operatives in the US.  What is clear is that they are not keeping us safe and their gun bans would not do so either.


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