Court KO's Obama's amnesty plans

Washington Examiner:
A deadlocked Supreme Court on Thursday delivered a blow to the White House by leaving in place a lower court ruling that halted President Obama's executive action to grant legal status to an estimated four million illegal immigrants.

The justices split 4-4 in the case, called U.S. vs. Texas, meaning that the appeals court ruling would stand as the final word in the case. That effectively blocks what would have been one President Obama's key domestic policy achievements and underscores the limits of the president's policy of executive action to bypassing Congress entirely rather than attempt to cut deals.

For the immigrants in question, it means their legal status remain unchanged and they remain subject to deportation.
The executive overreach has been quashed for now.  This also throws a wrench in Hillary Clinton's plan to expand executive amnesty.  It also shows how far the liberals on the court are willing to go to ignore the Constitution.


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