Rise in CO2 made agriculture possible

Watts Up With That:
Why did agriculture start 13,000 years ago?

So, my conclusion is that over 4,000 years or 160 generations, things improved and they tried, and tried, and tried again until it worked: people are smart.…and animals actually could be pastured.

Starting 14,000 yag, the sparse, scraggly growth started getting thicker and slightly more abundant. It wasn’t very good, but is was much better than 16000 yag.... and clever people could keep various animals alive in a herding lifestyle.
It makes sense.  The current increase in CO2 has enhanced the growth of plants around the world.  It is what they thrive on.  The increased plants make it more feasible to feed animals.  It could not have happened without global warming 14,000 years ago.


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