Low information Democrats going for Trump

Washington Times:
Anita Genova had never cast a vote in the Republican primary, but she walked into a polling place here Tuesday and pulled the lever for Donald Trump.

The retired 67-year-old bookkeeper was not alone in this eastern flank of Ohio, a traditional stronghold for Democrats that had a striking surge in Republican registration ahead of the primary.

“I did not vote for any other Republicans on that ballot,” Ms. Genova said after casting her vote for Mr. Trump. “I just like the fact that nobody is in his pocket. He doesn’t owe anybody anything.

“I am tired of the corrupt politics,” she said.

Ms. Genova said she doubted Hillary Clinton, the front-runner in the Democratic race, would shake things up in Washington, and she said Sen. Bernard Sanders, Mrs. Clinton’s challenger, is too old to be president.

For Linda Flesch, who supported President Obama the past two elections, the top issue was jobs, and she said she sees Mr. Trump, a billionaire businessman, as the country’s best chance to spread prosperity to this hard-hit part of the country.

“I have five kids, and they’ve all gone to colleges and these schools where they learn skills, and there is nothing around here,” Ms. Flesch said. “Me? I’m retired, but what are they going to do? They got kids, and their kids are growing up. What the heck is going to happen? Everyone is going to be on welfare.”

Turnout has surged for Republicans this year, with nearly every primary or caucus setting a record. Democrats’ turnout, meanwhile, has tanked compared with 2008, when Mrs. Clinton faced off against Mr. Obama in an epic battle.
These people are pathetically misinformed about Trump.  He is the one who has had so many Democrat politicians in his pocket with all of his donations.  He has also donated to Republicans but not nearly as much.   When it comes to jobs, he is the one who has been importing foreign workers and ignoring American applicants for jobs.  It is disappointing that these people are buying into his schtick.


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