Cruz and Trump tie on Louisiana delegates

Moe Lane:
The Louisiana state GOP announced the current estimated delegate breakdown: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump both get 18, Marco Rubio gets 5. How is this possible, when Trump got more votes? Well, the popular vote count statewide was effectively a two-man race, as only Trump and Cruz got above 20%. Those at-large delegates (28 total) went 12 for Trump, 11 for Cruz, 5 unbound. But! Louisiana has 6 Congressional Districts, and each gets 3 delegates (18 total). In five of those districts the state GOP is unofficially calling it as Cruz, Rubio, and Trump all getting 1 delegate… except in LA-05, where Cruz gets 2 and Trump gets 1. Thus, the current score is 18-18, with 5 for Rubio and the other 5 officially unaffiliated*. All of this, by the way, will be the subject of much vigorous debate and discussion in Louisiana political circles over the next week, which probably means that there’s going to be a brawl at the upcoming state convention.
Lane says that the final count is the result of superior organization by the Cruz campaign which moved from being 15 points down the last poll to a virtual tie in the thing that matters the most--delegates.


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