The left's anti free speech goons

NY Times:

‘Antifa’ Grows, Swinging Fists at Far Right

The clash between white nationalists and counterprotesters has brought new attention to a coalition of radicals unafraid to scuffle with right-wing extremists.
These fascists are the aggressors in a war on free speech and they should not be treated as worthy of respect.   They even go by a fraudulent name, Antifa or Anti-fascists.  They are the militant wing of the Democrats just like the KKK was and their goal is to suppress and intimidate those who do not agree with them.  Just like the KKK, they wear masks to hide their identity.  They wear all black rather than white sheets.  In Charlottesville, they were the aggressors in the conflict.  That is something many in the media have tried desperately to avoid.


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