The alt left is much more violent

Paul Waldman:

Sorry, but there’s no equivalence between the extreme right and the extreme left
Waldman and others on the left are engaged in willful blindness when it comes to the liberal fascists and their violent military wing that goes by the fraudulent title of Antifa.  Here is a list of their recent attacks.

I have been a conservative blogger since shortly after 9-11.  I have attended several conservative gatherings and had never even heard of the "alt-right" before last year's election and have still never met anyone associated with it.  The groups that gathered in Virginia was still tiny compared to the liberal fascists who have engaged in mayhem and violence this year at several locations including Trump's inaugurations.

They have become the black dressed and masked KKK of the Democrat party attacking conservatives gatherings and destroying property.  You can find pictures of them swinging clubs at the Virginia event.  They are at war with the 1st amendment at several campus events.  You cannot find similar gatherings on the right trying to shut down speakers.

Don't forget that Democrats paid people to go to Trump rallies and cause trouble during the 2016 campaign.  The Post should pull out its archives on the liberal fascists' attacks in Washington DC during the inauguration and see if there were any "alt-right" equivalent at the same gathering.

These people are just as hate filled as those on the other side in Virginia.  The left should quit pretending they do not exist.


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