Probably the same thing that happens to them at night?

NY Times:

What Happens to Solar Power in an Eclipse?

Grid operators will scramble when solar panels go dark — a rare trial run for a future in which the nation will be more reliant on renewable energy.
Doesn't this happen to them every night?  The sun goes down and they no longer produce power.  It is one of their natural drawbacks.


  1. I share the disdain for the renewables cult, but there actually is a difference here. It takes time to ramp up the supplemental baseline load at dusk, and to ramp it down at dawn. This is such a short pulse, 2 minutes or less, it looks more like one of those catastrophic outages when a regional power line goes down. Or perhaps a rolling blackout is more apt. An obvious though expensive solution is to get all the baseline supplemental power up, running, and supplying the grid in advance.


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