Iran unlikely to be found in compliance with Obama's bad deal


The next certification to Congress is due in mid-October and the odds of it surviving seem slight. Not only is Trump pre-disposed to pulling out of the deal, Iran is making it very easy for him to do so.

According to the text of the agreement passed by Congress, the key benchmark for evaluating the deal is Iranian compliance with UNSCR 2231. If that is the standard, Iran is out of compliance in a way that cannot be cured.

Iran was already violating that part of UNSCR 2231 by transferring weapons to proxies in Yemen: in June the U.N. documented multiple transfers through existing routes, and later Reuters documented additional transfers going through Kuwaiti waters.

The German daily Welt revealed Iran is separately violating UNSCR 2231 by transferring weapons to Russia for maintenance via Syria. The article is in German but Google Translate is good enough to get what’s going on – the transfers are happening and they’re a violation of the resolution – plus Welt published a satellite photo showing an Iranian arms plane sitting in a Russian-operated airbase in Syria (the plane is a Boeing, the airbase is Khmeimim). Consider for a moment how Welt came to be in possession of satellite imagery of an arms transfer at a Russian airfield.

An area of particular interest to the US is Iran’s development of ballistic missile technology. Ballistic missiles plus nukes is not something you want your typical state sponsor of terror to have.
This deal should never have been done, to begin with.  The money Obama transferred to Iran could also be used to buy a ready made nuke from North Korea.  The two countries appear to be close and have cooperated on nukes and on ICBMs.  Obama has made it easier for another rogue state to threaten the US with nuclear blackmail.


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