How the liberal media tries to set the tone of the debate

NY Times:

Trump’s Bad Week? To Supporters, It Went Just Fine

It was a week of turmoil, but it seemed to prove an immutable rule of this presidency: People see what they want to see, even if others see something very different.
Liberals live in an alternate reality when it comes to violence by the left.  They don't see it as bad. That is one reason why they went berzerk when Trump said both sides were responsible for violence in the Virginia events that started with a peaceful rally about a statue.  But if you look at a tick-tock of events as they unfolded, the violence did not start until Antifa began blocking access to the park where the demonstrators had a permit to gather.  That was a triggering event, yet they keep insisting that the group with a permit was totally responsible for the violence.

We saw a similar situation in Boston where anti free speech Antifa was teh one throwing urine bombs at cops and they vastly outnumbered those demonstrating for free speech.  It is just weird to see the media oppose free speech for people with a different point of view.  I am not a supporter of the neo-Nazis and KKK, but the most active and dangerous group in America right now are the liberal fascists of Antifa.

Their goal is to violently oppose free speech with which they disagree.  I think it would be smart for those trying to speak their point of view to go to court and get an injunction against Antifa before an event.  Based on Supreme Court president, speech that some view as hate speech is protected by teh first amendment.  The Antifa thugs should be held to account.


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