Restoring constitutional rights to college men

When the history of the the Obama administration is written it will be a story of the deliberate atrophy of American influence abroad, the weaponization of law enforcement and administrative agencies to punish political opponents, and a calculated rejection of the Bill of Rights. One of the most outrageous acts was carried out by the “civil rights” office of the Department of Education. Responding to a demonstrably bogus claim of a “rape culture” on campus, DOE demanded that colleges and universities create Star Chambers to investigate students, primarily men, who were accused of some kind of sexual assault. Institutions that refused stood to lose federal money and eligibility for federally guaranteed student loans. That’s right, marginally educated social justice warriors were given a hunting license to pursue male students and harry them from campus on the flimsiest of evidence… or even no evidence at all. Just a few features of the system (read the full horror story) were: the defendant was not allowed to confront the accuser or to know the charges, double jeopardy did not apply, the defendant was not allowed counsel, the standard of evidence was basically “she said it so it is true.”

In a case that is in the news this week, Grant Neal, a football player at Colorado State University-Pueblo was suspended based on an allegation brought against him by a third party. Neal and his girlfriend had what they agree was a consensual sexual relationship but an unnamed third party reported it as sexual assault and Neal was suspended. The textbook case of how f***ed up, to use legal parlance, the situation is is that of Emma Sulkowicz who got college credit — I am not making this up — for carrying a mattress around campus because she accused a young man of raping her and could not even convince the SJW examiner, under the virtual nonexistent standard of proof, that he was guilty.

Increasing numbers of disciplined students are seeking redress in court and institutions are stuck between the rock of losing federal funding and the hard place of paying large settlements and reinstating abused students.
The Obama administration policy is an unconstitutional disgrace.  It should be reverse and colleges should be told to refer allegations of sexual assault to the local district attorney for handling in a constitutional manner providing due process rights to all involved.


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