Escaping California and moving to Texas

LA Times:
Emails poured in from across California.

“My boys’ minds have been taken over by the liberal teachings of the schools here,” wrote a woman from Westlake Village who works in the courts. “I would like to try to save my younger son before it’s too late.”

“I for one wish to not be a part of this control and socialist environment,” said a woman from Vacaville who home-schools her children and complained that California liberals ridiculed her for praying before meals.

“I’m done,” announced a financial planner from Monrovia who complained she was struggling to find common ground with her co-workers. “I want my next chapter in life to be one where I’m in an environment where people are like-minded.”

Fed up with life in the Golden State, the emailers wanted out.

So they turned to Paul Chabot, a 43-year-old Republican who says he’s discovered the perfect place for them: Collin County in north Texas.

He moved there late last year, bailing on his native California after a second failed run for Congress. In May, he started a company called Conservative Move, which aims to help other Republicans follow his example and escape blue states.

Its slogan is “Helping families move Right.”

Whether the company succeeds remains to be seen. The plan is to connect clients with real estate agents in red states — starting with Collin County — in return for part of the commission on home sales. So far there haven’t been any, though one is pending.

But in a sign of the country’s increasing polarization, Chabot has had no shortage of interest in his cause, having received more than 1,000 inquiries. The biggest share are from very blue California — very red Texas’ biggest political and economic rival.

“California is a train wreck,” said Chabot, who also consults for law enforcement agencies and college substance abuse programs. “If we made it out of California as a lower-middle-class family, anybody can. … People don’t have to live stuck in a rut.”
There is more.

Liberals are turning the Golden State to Fools Gold.  Sixty percent of their infrastructure is crumbling while the state is still pouring money down a sinkhole investment in the bullet train to bankruptcy.  It has refused to build water retention projects as the inland communities return to a desert while water is pumped into the ocean to benefit bait fish.

Houses are mostly old and small and expensive for the coastal elites while property values decline inland.  Liberalism has created a high tax, high regulation environment and its tax base is left with a few billionaires along the coast who pay a 12 percent tax rate on top of their Federal income taxes.  The middle class are fleeing and being replaced by a mostly uneducated immigrant population.


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